What is PPC & Vitality to an Online Marketing Strategy?

What is PPC & Vitality to an Online Marketing Strategy?

What is Pay-Per-Click or PPC? 

When you check Google results after searching up a certain topic or question, you might wonder why certain websites have special advertisements on the platform that pop up before the actual search results. This is because of Pay-Per-Click advertising, or PPC for short. Google, several other search engines, and certain social media outlets have introduced forms of PPC as a way to help businesses get their product or service seen ahead of others. As the name implies, PPC marketing works by charging the business or organization a fee every time their ad is clicked on the results screen. Not only does this provide another avenue for marketing success, but it can be personalized to fit your company’s budgeting blueprint. 

What are the Basics of a Successful PPC Campaign? 

If you are looking at incorporating something such as Google Ads into your business model, you should know how to maximize your Return On Investment (ROI). Getting your ad in front of the most people possible starts with knowing which keywords you want to be seen for. Keywords are the words that a potential customer is likely to designate in the search engine. For example, someone looking to purchase a new hat for the beach will likely type in, “beach hats for sale”, or something similar into the engine. If you are a retailer or a beach hat maker, your PPC keywords would want to include a group of phrases that revolve around “beach hats” to get maximum ROI.  

A search engine inquiry can be likened to an auction, with the product for sale being the opportunity to have your website shown before anyone else. As such, you must also know the maximum dollar amount you would like to spend on your bid. When Google or any other search engine determines what ads will be seen first, they take a combination of the ad relevance and the highest bid possible among active participants. Several other metrics are included as well, but these two are the go-to areas that you should focus on.  

ACE Design Studio Wants to Help You with Your PPC Campaign 

Pay-per-click marketing is a vital element to the success of a modern business strategy. With so many similar companies and organizations vying for the attention of the everyday consumer, having an edge on getting your business seen before anyone else is key to a strong profit. ACE Design Studio in Ithaca, Michigan has helped many businesses get themselves seen on the front page of Google and drive up their profitability. We are eager to help get your company the exposure you need for success! Contact us at (989) 875-4096 today and let one of our staff members discuss your current PPC strategy and how we can assist you in improving it. 

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