YouTube Video Production

Need a video produced for your website and/or YouTube?  ACE Design Studio’s team of video experts are ready for you! Our in-house team has the equipment and know-how to make a quality video that is designed to bring attention to your business, website, or product.  We use the latest in gimball stabilization technology, high-definition (HD) and 4k digital cameras, and wireless audio to create a high-quality video.  

After our team gathers the video footage, our editor takes the best pieces and combines it with background music, text, graphics, and other special effects.  The final video will be made ready and formatted for the intended target.  We take the video and place it on your website, digital media, or YouTube.  Videos placed on YouTube are SEO’d (search engine optimized) and linked to your company website.

Since YouTube is owned by Google, the SEO value of a video is extremely strong. In many cases, we can rank YouTube videos at the top of a Google search results page for the given subject. Let us help your business in Mid-Michigan succeed.  Our team is able to travel anywhere in Ithaca, Alma, St. Louis, Breckenridge, Mount Pleasant, St. Johns, and most other cities in Michigan.

Car dealerships frequently use YouTube to promote their business, services, and inventory.  Let us create videos that can help you sell cars, parts, and service.  Vehicle model information and auto technology videos work very well on YouTube and help drive traffic to your website.

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