What is a Google Business Profile & Why is it Important for My Business?

What is a Google Business Profile & Why is it Important for My Business?

What is Google My Business & a Google Business Profile?

When prospective customers are searching Google for products and/or services that are along the lines of what you offer, they will see a variety of information about the potential businesses they have to choose from. Among these are what is called a Google Business Profile. If you are familiar with how to add a location to Google Maps, then you can have a basic understanding of how a GBP works. When customers look up your location through your Business Profile, they get to see relevant information such as the business address, hours, phone number, and any other details that have been input for sharing. However, how do you get all this information onto your Business Profile? Thanks to Google My Business, you can take control of your Business Profile and make sure that you provide your potential customers with all the correct information they need to know. ACE Design Studio in Ithaca, MI, would like to share why having a dedicated Google Business Profile is so important to a successful business marketing campaign.

Why Should You Focus on Using Google My Business?

Immediate Way to Share Information with Customers – Are you a new business or just starting to use Google as your main way to get information out to consumers? Your Google Business Page is the key to helping your preferred audience connect with you. You can add contact information such as a phone number and email address to let customers connect with you directly. If you are a brick-and-mortar location, you can also put a street address and any applicable hours on the profile to let customers know when they can stop by. Most importantly, you can put a link to your website on the Business Profile through Google My Business so that everything a potential consumer could want to learn about your business is available in one location.

Targeted SEO Opportunities – With SEO being such an integral part of a successful online marketing strategy, your Google Business Page offers you another avenue to further bolster the strength of your SEO. In your GBP, there is a section that you can use to display a blurb in your description. This is a powerful way to get the keywords that you want people searching for to reach your business page. Much like formatting strong SEO content on your website, make sure you are using good keywords for your business description and that the presentation reads like you are naturally talking with someone. Cramming keywords or having a choppy description will hurt your SEO ranking as opposed to helping it.


✅ Gain Trust: Show up when customers search for you.
✅ Showcase Your Brand: Highlight products, services, and reviews.
✅ Connect Easily: Let customers reach you at their fingertips.
✅ Local Advantage: Be the top choice in your area.

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