The Importance of a Meta Description in Your SEO Strategy

The Importance of a Meta Description in Your SEO Strategy

Meta Descriptions & Their Importance 

Building a strong SEO campaign involves researching many aspects of online marketing. From website design and keywords to advertising elements such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads, having a strong grasp on all these elements is vital to a successful marketing strategy. However, there is one little thought about area that can drastically improve your clickthrough rate on a search engine. The meta description is the area under the title of your search result on Google and is what gives potential clients a summary of what your page is about. A strong meta description provides viewers with the information they need to be interested in clicking through to you website. ACE Design Studio in Ithaca, Michigan, would like to share with you why taking time to formulate your meta descriptions is a worthwhile investment. 

What Makes a Strong Meta Description & Why? 

Concise Information – A meta description on a Google search result shows approximately 155 characters before needing to be truncated. Therefore, your goal when constructing a meta description that will appeal to customers is to keep your message to 155 – 160 characters. This allows for a fairly brief message to be conveyed to your reader. As such, it is advised not to add excessive descriptive modifiers and words that don’t add value to describing your page content. A truncated result is not as appealing to a potential client as they don’t have all the information directly in front of them.  

Call-to-Action & Selling Points – Using the meta description for a product or service page as a call-to-action, or CTA, is a great way to get potential clients to click your ad. Putting relevant sale information, or a single important reason why your resource is better than the rest of the competition gets the information potential customers want in their hands quickly. For example, a product sales page for a drink might use the meta description to detail that there is currently a special when ordering from the page and maybe a blurb about it being healthy or flavorful.  

Marketing Impact – Although a meta description doesn’t directly help improve the SEO quality of your marketing campaign when evaluating it through the Google algorithm, being able to appeal to your potential clients is vital to a successful sale. The meta description is solely for the purpose of getting the most important information you want to be seen about your product or service out there when users are browsing Google. A well-constructed one will directly improve clickthrough rate by giving browsers a reason to click your search result.  

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