The Difference Between Domain Registration & Website Hosting

The Difference Between Domain Registration & Website Hosting

Know the Difference Between Domain Registration & Website Hosting 

When you are looking to start up a website, there are many terms that you need to be aware of to ensure you are doing things correctly. Two such terms that are often confused with the same thing are domain registration and website hosting. While both are integral to a properly functioning website, they are very much different elements of the overall package. Being among the first steps one takes to get their website online, knowing what each means can help you remain confident in your online business marketing strategy. ACE Design Studio in Ithaca, MI is happy to help you learn the differences between the two so that you are aware of any confusing aspects of the website designing process. With our over 25 years of website design and online marketing experience, you can trust us when it comes to getting top information in the mid-Michigan region!  

Domain Registration vs. Website Hosting Differences 

Domain Registration – A website domain is the URL that Internet users type into their browser’s address bar when they are looking for a specific website. It converts the site’s numerical IP address to a name for easier searching. Consider it like your website’s address.  When you register for a domain through mediums such as GoDaddy, you are purchasing the rights to use that specific name for a period of time. For example, a user that purchases the registration for “” will be the sole person whose website will appear if this exact name is placed into the address bar. This is a renewing fee, usually annually unless you pay for a longer period of time. 

Website Hosting – Once you have your domain name registered, you need an outlet to actually display your website to the world on. Basically, this is your website’s home.  This is where website hosting comes into the mix. There are many hosting companies currently that you can work with to get your website on the Internet. When you purchase one of their services, you are getting the right to use a select allocation of the company’s servers for your website’s storage. All relevant files including data are stored in the hosting company’s server so that when an Internet user types your website’s name into the address bar, your site pops up quickly. This is also a recurring charge, depending on the length of time you choose to pay for. 

Still have questions about the difference between Domain Name Registration and Website Hosting?  Let the experts at ACE Design Studio answer your questions today! 

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