Include a Blog in Your Website Design for Better SEO Results

Include a Blog in Your Website Design for Better SEO Results

The Importance of Having a Dedicated Blog on Your Website 

Trying to market your product or service in the high-paced online environment means finding the most efficient ways to convey your message to interested customers and clients. Having a blog where you can share news and other informative messages through a streamlined page on your website is a great strategy. ACE Design Studio in IthacaMI, wants to help you understand why taking the time to set up and routinely post to a dedicated blog will help your overall marketing process. You and your company will appreciate the minimal time investment associated with blog posting and how it translates to more business when done correctly.  

Why Include a Blog or Latest News Page to Your Website? 

Streamlined Message Hub – Trying to deliver too much detailed information about your company’s product or service through a page already dedicated to introducing your business to a potential customer can make the user experience strained with a cluttered display. This is where having a Blog or Latest News page is invaluable. Through this dedicated page, you can write the latest news about your product such as updates or places where you will be selling the product, etc.   

Strong SEO Presence – When you write a well-constructed blog post filled with keywords you want to rank for, this will rank well with various search engines such as Google and Bing.  Search engines value updated content.  It shows that the website owner is active and the page is not stale.  Blogging software is recognized by search engines as content that will likely be updated often.  Thus, updating this content regularly will help feed the search engine and keep it satisfied to continue serving your website strongly in results.  Add on the clean presentation that a dedicated blog page adds to the website, and you have the recipe for high-ranking information on any blog post you write.  

There are plenty of resources available for writing blog posts that appeal to customers, making it easy to add valuable content.  ACE Design Studio is always eager to help you write quality posts as well.  Contact us today and ask about our SEO plans!   

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