Getting Started with an Internet Presence Isn’t Expensive 

Getting Started with an Internet Presence Isn’t Expensive 

Online Marketing Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive 

Are you looking to get a solid start to your business’s online presence with a website? Getting a professional website that will appeal to your potential customers can be a considerable financial investment if you are looking at an extensive option with multiple pages and tools. However, there is a great option available in mid-Michigan if you want to have a marketable single-page website to get your information out to consumers. ACE Design Studio in Ithaca, MI, is proud to offer our $199 Website service! For less than $200, you can get a high-quality one-page website that is ideal for starting your online presence in the right way.  

Benefits of a $199 Website in Mid-Michigan 

Budget-Friendly Option – If you are a startup business, or are just looking at incorporating a simple website into your business model, our $199 Website service is a great way to fit this important marketing tool into your company’s budget. Not only is this option inexpensive, but you still get the elite professional quality to your website that we provide to our conventional website design. We don’t want you to feel like getting your online presence strengthened is an expensive endeavor, and this is why we are proud to offer this service to interested clients!  

Efficient Information Display – Our single-page website design is a fantastic medium to get your most relevant company information to the client base you are hoping to reach. Built with WordPress, you can trust that the website is being built on a well-regarded platform. On our 199 Dollar Website page, you can see several of the demo websites that we have created to show you how efficiently you can get details out to your customers. Are you a restaurant and want a website that displays your menu to interested patrons? We have a demo site that shows you how a clean and well-designed single-page website can make sure customers have knowledge of what food you have to offer! 

Easily Expandable – Even if you start with a single-page website to get your business off the ground, we offer ways to expand the website while still meeting your budgeting considerations. You can add hosting to the package which allows you to have your own custom email and two mailboxes. Having an email address that goes to dedicated company mailboxes looks more professional to potential customers. We also offer the ability to have a custom-designed logo added to your website. Our knowledgeable graphic artist will provide you with a design and up to three revisions! All of these are budget-friendly additions to your base $199 package. 

Contact ACE Design Studio today and let us discuss your website needs to help you find the best solution at the most affordable price. 

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