Drones & Better Real Estate Marketing Capabilities

Drones & Better Real Estate Marketing Capabilities

Implementing Drones into Your Real Estate Marketing Strategy 

Trying to get your real estate properties sold in this competitive market means taking every advantage you can get to make your listings stand out from the rest. When looking at getting the most diverse array of pictures possible for your property, implementing a drone for photos and cinematography needs is a great idea. Drones can offer views of a home that are difficult or otherwise impossible to take through conventional means. ACE Design Studio in Ithaca, Michigan, is pleased to offer drone services in the mid-Michigan region for real estate agents looking to get a leg up on the competition.  

Why Choose Drones for Real Estate Marketing? 

Aerial Shots – Does the home or commercial property you are trying to sell have noteworthy selling points outside, such as a large yard or parking lot? With a drone, you can get fantastic establishing shots of all the property around the home or other forms of real estate. Giving potential buyers shots that they wouldn’t be able to get any other means will help improve the likelihood of a showing or sale.  

Difficult to Take Angles – Having a drone fly around a home allows you the opportunity to get angles that are virtually impossible anywhere else. For example, a living room with a tall ceiling can benefit from a picture of the room near the ceiling to establish its size. Instead of needing to pull out a ladder and dealing with the dangers associated with that, a drone can effortlessly hover at the top of the room and take all the pictures you would want. Drones can also reach areas that humans can’t so that the pictures you can take of a property are unique.  

Video Options – A great addition to any real estate listing is a real-time video showcasing the entire property. However, this can be time-consuming through conventional means as it takes time to walk around the entire home or property. Additionally, it can be tiring if you have to film a large home or commercial property. A properly equipped drone alleviates these two issues by quickly flying around a property and providing high-quality video.  

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