ChatGPT & Other AI-Generated Content Isn’t the Best Marketing Choice

ChatGPT & Other AI-Generated Content Isn’t the Best Marketing Choice

Be Cautious When Using ChatGPT & Other AI Writing Generators  

ACE Design Studio in Ithaca, Michigan, is proud to be an online marketing company that has provided our customers with high-ranking websites and content thanks to our dedication to research and personalized writing. With the rise of AI-generated content writers such as ChatGPT recently, it is appealing for some to try using them to establish a solid marketing campaign. However, there are several distinct reasons why you should be wary when using them as part of your marketing plans. User-generated content on your blog or website is well worth the time investment for high-ranking posts that your potential clients will appreciate.  

Reasons Not to Use AI-Generated Content 

Mechanical Fact Delivery – Many AI-generated writing websites deliver the content you have tasked them to generate in a mechanical and repetitive manner. When potential clients read posts or website blurbs that have been written by AI and placed into the format they are reading, they might feel a lack of connection with your company’s mission or product. Inserting information relevant to your company is better placed with the human touch to help connect. 

Fact-Checking Issues – While these websites directly pull from mediums such as Google, you must be wary about the accuracy of the facts you are trying to convey. This can be potentially disastrous if you don’t take the time to browse the generated content for errors and post the results directly to your information-sharing platform. When a person is doing the writing and reviewing, careful, accurate research into the topic can be ensured.  ACE Design Studio content writers carefully review all facts included in a way that AI does not.   

Can Be Detected – There are several websites out there that can detect when content is AI-generated. This can be bad for your marketing strategy in a similar respect to the mechanical fact delivery. Customers want to feel an established connection of trust with your product or service. This is best offered by giving them customized content that speaks to their needs and preferences.  Why can bots pick up AI-written content?  Primarily because the writing style has certain peculiarities consistently, making it less appealing to the reader.   

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