Adding a Blog to Your Website to Increase Marketability

Adding a Blog to Your Website to Increase Marketability

Blogging & Your Business 

In the competitive online marketing landscape, you need to quickly resonate with your potential customers to maximize your chances of a sale. Having a strong presence on search engines such as Google, as well as a fully optimized website are strong contributors to getting your business out in front of people. However, failing to capture their attention with information that speaks to their interests or lifestyle will result in a lower success rate. A blog is a fantastic way to deliver personalized content to your potential client base so that you can reach them with the information that they are seeking. ACE Design Studio in Ithaca, MI, would like to share with you reasons why we strongly advise adding a blog to your business’s overall marketing strategy. 

Why Should You Add a Blog to Your Business Website? 

Expertise Showcase – A blog is a quality platform for you to demonstrate your knowledge about the field you or your product resides. Customers are looking for a product that perfectly suits their needs.  With a blog, you can dedicate entire posts to a specific area of your service or product that you feel will apply to a specific need or lifestyle. You can also implement popular blog formats such as “Top … Lists” to engage your audience with the quality knowledge and information they are seeking. Blogging can be viewed as your canvas to display what makes your goods or services unique compared to the rest of the field.  

Increased Website Traffic & SEO – There is data available that shows why starting to blog regularly for your business is vital to increasing inbound traffic. When you add a blog and post frequently with quality content, you are likely to get an increase in inbound traffic. You can also focus your blog post on a set keyword that positively affects your website’s SEO.  All of this results in your website getting more viewers and a direct increase in sales as you establish yourself as a trusted and knowledgeable member of the field.  

Easy to Implement & Operate – Out of all the various ways that you can greatly improve your website’s marketability, adding a blog to your business is one of the simplest to incorporate. There are many blogging platforms available that you can use to get started. If your website has been built on a platform such as WordPress, you can easily create a dedicated blogging page and seamlessly integrate it onto your website. Blogging can also be fun for you or whoever does your social media, as it provides an outlet to be creative while also getting out relevant information you want your potential client base to see. For the potential positive outcomes that blogging can provide you, it is a worthwhile investment to get one started and maintained!  

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